Headless for tags

I use a custom taxonomy specialites to generate a menu based on this taxonomy.


  specialite = "specialites"
  tag = "tags"

But I don’t want the /specialites/* to be generated.
I read about headless for content but I don’t understand how to achieve this for taxonomy.

Thanks a lot

Why do you want to use a taxonomy but not have the taxonomy pages generated?

In your site config:

  specialite = "specialites"
  tag = "tags"

    list = 'never'
    render = 'never'
    kind = '{taxonomy,term}'
    path = '{/specialites,/specialites/**}'

This prevents rendering of the specialites taxonomy and term pages, and prevents them from being members of any page collection.

The taxonomy object is still populated. Place this in a template to inspect the data structure:

{{ $taxonomyObject := .Site.Taxonomies.specialites }}
<pre>{{ jsonify (dict "indent" "  ") $taxonomyObject.Alphabetical }}</pre>

But be aware of this issue:

If fixed, the cascade configuration above will prevent population of the taxonomy object as well.

I think @frjo’s question is excellent, and would consider using something other than a taxonomy for your menu thing.

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Create a menu (ex: Allergology > subitems, Cardiology > subitems) but don’t generate extra dozens of pages for specialites and subitems.

And very likely one day use it as a real taxonomy.

You are awesome !

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