Having both left and right aligned text at the header menu (Hugo.386 theme)

Hello there I want to add a language switch to my main menu, I want to see all the normal items on left and available languages on right like this:

I tried it with pure HTML but it seems HTML can’t handle spacers so it probably should be done CSS. I also tried adding another element that aligned to that side but it created multiple menus.

Please raise an issue with the theme author.

I did but the project seems abandoned.


Not to put too sharp an edge on this, but, why not use a theme that is actively maintained?

I just like how this one looks.

In that case, you probably have to dig into the theme’s CSS and fix the problem yourself. The developer tools of your favorite browser are a very useful tool in that context.

I actually tried that too but my CSS knowledge is really limited :confused:

Actually, I’d not touch this theme with a ten-foot pole. It is based on an old version of bootstrap, it’s not maintained, and (due to bootstrap) it is full of bloat.

In any case, without seeing the site (aka your repository), I wouldn’t know where to look for the relevant settings either.

My repository isn’t too different from the original source. Only difference I made was to eliminate the aspect ratio and some playing on config file. So you can use the original source.

Did that, but no. This stuff is broken (and ugly). I’m not going to go there. Anyone using float for a menu in 2022 should go back to the drawing board (or a CSS 101 class, learning about flex and grid).

Welp… I’m stuck.