Hard linebreaks not working in md

Hugo’s config command shows that it picks up the config.toml file just fine, see below. Perhaps I should raise an issue here on the hub.

archetypedir: "archetypes" baseurl: "http://example.com/" blackfriday: map[extensions:[hardLineBreak]] builddrafts: false buildexpired: false buildfuture: false cachedir: "/var/folders/hb/f58ybhm518j6zwr7hhrjgjlc0000gn/T/hugo_cache/" canonifyurls: false cleandestinationdir: false contentdir: "content" datadir: "data" defaultcontentlanguage: "en" defaultcontentlanguageinsubdir: false defaultextension: "html" defaultlayout: "post" disable404: false disablelivereload: false disablepathtolower: false disablerobotstxt: false disablerss: false disablesitemap: false enableemoji: false enablegitinfo: false enablemissingtranslationplaceholders: false footnoteanchorprefix: "" footnotereturnlinkcontents: "" forcesyncstatic: false hascjklanguage: false i18ndir: "i18n" ignorecache: false indexes: map[tag:tags category:categories] languagecode: "en-us" layoutdir: "layouts" logi18nwarnings: false metadataformat: "yaml" newcontenteditor: "" paginate: 10 paginatepath: "page" permalinks: map[page:/:title/ about:/:filename/] pluralizelisttitles: true preservetaxonomynames: false publishdir: "public" pygmentscodefences: false pygmentscodefencesguesssyntax: false pygmentsoptions: "" pygmentsstyle: "monokai" pygmentsuseclasses: false relativeurls: false removepathaccents: false rsslimit: 15 rssuri: "index.xml" sectionpagesmenu: "" sitemap: {ChangeFreq: Priority:-1 Filename:sitemap.xml} staticdir: "static" taxonomies: map[tag:tags category:categories] theme: "test" themesdir: "themes" title: "test" uglyurls: false usemodtimeasfallback: false verbose: false watch: false workingdir: "/Users/ae/develop/_web/_hugo/test"

I had the same problem - config.toml wasn’t working. The file was of type CRLF so I set it to LF, and - surprise - all of a sudden it worked.

I then tried to repeat the problem by going back to CRLF and retesting, but it seems to work without any problem as though an imaginary switch (or tmp variable) has been set. Restarted the hugo server, but everything is working as it should.

I have tried adding it to both the config.toml and my front matter. Still, newline characters in the input are not translated to
in the output. Not sure why its not working.

A <br> is only inserted on a single linebreak. When you enter two or more, just a <p> block is created which adds spacing through css. Can you check this, it bit me before.

I still have this problem in the end of 2019.

hugo version
Hugo Static Site Generator v0.60.1/extended windows/amd64 BuildDate: unknown


No you do not have the same problem in 2019, because the default markdown renderer changed in Hugo 0.60.0 and now it is Commonmark compliant.

You can read about Markdown hard line breaks here: