Global index for shortcode parameters

Is there a way to “collect” shortcode parameters globally? In this specific case, I have a shortcode that links a source (news, blog posts, etc.) and I would like to list ALL of these links on a separate page with a link to the post that they occur in.

I was thinking about using taxonomies for this, but in the end, those links have a title, a language, and an URL which is not something that feels like a taxonomy to me.

No, there is no way to create a collection of Shortcodes that one can render in a separate page.

With a bit of creative thinking what I would do if I were you would be to create a CSV file with all the values and identifiers and then use shortcodes in content files to call the values as needed through the identifiers, then the external global list can be rendered by simply ranging over the CSV.

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yeah, I think it’s probably best to let a build script run through the *.md files and collect into a data file. that makes sense.