.gitignore `resources/`?

I’m trying to ignore the generated css / .content files that are generated from Hugo Pipes while running hugo serve. My .gitignore file looks like this:


but i’m still being asked to commit the generated css. Any idea how to stop git from tracking these?

(i am using GitHub Desktop for the most part, I don’t know if that will make any difference)


@HenrySkup, try just


Works for me every time. That said, you will either have to:

  1. Commit one more change
    2 Remove the resources directory from the git
    git rm -rf resources

unfortunately, doesn’t seem to work

Ensure that you’re:

  1. committing from the root level of your repo

I am, but no luck. I’m starting to think this might be an issue with Github Desktop – which is a shame since it is a nice product.

If the files already are committed to git you will need to remove them. The entries in gitignore will make sure they are not added again.

git remove resources/