Github actions in separating content from theme

I’m working on a situation where content is autogenerated from third party and convereted into MD that works for HUGO. COntent is maintained in a separate GitHub repo.
There are several sites that use the same content.
So I am looking for a strategy where content is updated, starting pipeline that will merge content into several theme locations, and deploy to a host including netlify and AWS S3.
I suspect I need to use submodules. My thought is that I would have github repo for theme, GH for CONTENT. and GH for a hugo.toml file that would pull the content, theme submodules into a GH runner, compile it and submit. Is this a smart solution and could someone comment on alternative deas?

I don’t quite understand. Why is content included in a theme?

Perhaps I should rewrite my question. The content is separate from the theme. I want to merge content and theme into a third repo using GH actions. the idea is I want to use the same content in 4 different sites. each site has a different theme.

Hi @vincent_youmans

I had the same question few days ago as an Hugo beginner.

Now, If the repos are public and not private then you can simply use git submodule add or git clone

However if your repo for example the theme is private things become difficult specially when it comes to auto deploy. In this case you can try git subtree


Side Note

I don’t think it is relevant to Hugo but more of a git issue.

It seems to me this is a perfect application for Hugo Modules. If you haven’t used them before, see this example and give it a try:

On each of the four sites, the go.mod file would pull in the content and theme when the site is built, triggered by webhooks in both the content and theme repositories.