Getting nil resource for scss

I’m failing to get SCSS to work with Hugo.

I’ve literally tried to put the SCSS file in every asset and resource folder for both the site itself and for the theme.
Yet, I get nil when trying to resolve it using resources.Get "/sass/theme.scss"or resources.Get "sass/theme.scss"

Here is what I have:

themes / mytheme / layout / _default / baseof.html

In this file I have the

	{{ $sass := resources.Get "/sass/theme.scss" }} //or sass/theme.scss
	{{ $style := $sass | resources.ToCSS }}

scss is now located here:

themes / mytheme / assets / theme.scss

Am I doing something fundamentally wrong here?

with this location


you can get the resources like this

{{ $sass := resources.Get "theme.scss" }}


I found the issue.


my actual code tried to use sass when the real file was scss. 2 hours wasted on a single char :slight_smile: