Getting Baseurl error, even with latest Hugo and Hugo themes

Hey folks.

When I try to make a site, I get tons of these errors:

ERROR: 2016/07/04 09:58:39 template.go:131: template: partials/head.html:13:39: executing "partials/head.html" at <.Site.BaseUrl>: BaseUrl is not a field of struct type *hugolib.SiteInfo in partials/head.html

I’ve searched around and It looks like the only people who got this error were people who were using an old theme with a new Hugo or vise versa. It was caused from the ‘BaseUrl’ variable was renamed a few versions ago. However, I’m using the latest version of Hugo (I tried .16 and .17DEV) AND the themes repo. This error occurs in every theme and my BaseUrl variable is definitely set (in the config and sometimes in the command line). I even tried renaming all the BaseUrl variables in the theme to the classic ‘BaseURL’. I’m sure there’s a very silly solution to this but I just can’t figure out anything. Anyone have any idea what’s happening here?

Try BaseURL

You mean changing the theme so it calls BaseURL instead of BaseUrl? I already did by running a rpl command on the themes directory, but I haven’t seen any change.

Yes. The theme and/or your local templates. If you already tried it, try again.

Looked around and realized I had some custom theme files that I was convinced didn’t exist. I knew it’d be something like this >.< thanks for your help!