GetMatch to match partial filename

In content > products, I have a list of content files, and an image folder (headless = true) where I store my product images.

The following code finds all images successfully:

{{$productImages := ($.Site.GetPage "/products/images").Resources}}
{{$productImages := $productImages.GetMatch (printf "%s.*" (anchorize .Title))}}
{{with $productImages}}

This works, because all images are named the same as each content file .Title.

I would like to shorten the image files names. Instead of product-1-made-in-nyc-by-company-a.jpg, I would change it to product-1.jpg. Each image name will be unique and have the same beginning as the content file .Title, just truncated.

When I change the image name, I can no longer get the code snippet to work. No images appear. I’ve tried changing the statement to include a wildcard, but that doesn’t work.

{{$productImages := $productImages.GetMatch (printf "%s*.*" (anchorize .Title))}}

Any ideas on how I can use GetMatch to match part of the .Title? Thanks!

I would check the output of this to make sure it’s doing what you want