Get Menu params from config

I want to access menu params based on the current language:

In my config.json

"menu": {
	"en": {
		"home": "Home",
		"tour": "Tour",
		"business": "Business",
		"pricing": "Pricing"
	"es": {
		"home": "HOME",
		"tour": "TOUR",
		"business": "BUSINESS",
		"pricing": "PRICING",

And I want to do this:

<a href="/home">{{ language code here).home }}</a>

I’ve tried using

{{ $SiteLang := .Site.Language.Lang }} 
<a href="/home">{{$SiteLang.home }}</a>

but it all returns errors.

Does anyone know of a solution for this?

Don’t know if it would help, but here’s how my multilingual menus are set up.

And here’s how my config.yml is setup.