Get Hugo to build an additional file to /public root directory

I have hugo deploying to the public directory - set as a git submodule - using a deploy script on windows.

I get the script to purge the public directory every time I run so I don’t have to worry about left-over files.

Hugo builds 5 files to the public root directory automatically (as well as the direcotories it builds). They are:

  1. 404.html
  2. favicon-32x32.png
  3. index.html
  4. index.xml
  5. sitemap.xml

I want hugo to build a 6th to the root directory as well: CNAME

Where can I put the CNAME file to get hugo to build it into the public directory (I’m hoping this will be a faster fix than getting the batch script to delete everything but a CNAME file)?

Anybody encountered this one? Tips?

Put it inside /static

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Thanks bep