Get Hugo themes page theme

Hello everyone,

I have seen for a theme where I can put a gallery with screenshots of javascripts and each item of the gallery will redirect to a new page where is the javascript of the screenshot running, I was watching the theme hugrid for implement this but I think that it can looks better and since I opened the Hugo Themes page I liked too much the theme used.

My questions are:

  • There’s a way to get the Hugo Themes page theme?
  • If yes, How can I download this theme?

Thanks to all.

The hugoThemes site is on Github, you can also find the build script and more information there: GitHub - gohugoio/hugoThemes: A curated directory of Hugo themes

On the Hugrid theme page, click on the ‘Homepage’ button. That brings you to Github.
There click on the green button to the right that says ‘clone or download’.
That click brings up a pull-down menu; select ‘Download Zip’ there.