Get data file filename

I was wondering if there is a way to get the filename of a data file.

I have this structure:

- root
  - data
    - folder
      - file1.toml
      - file2.toml
      - file3.toml
      - etc

in my code i wanted to range the filename of the toml files like this:

{{ range $i, $e := .Site.Data.folder }}
  {{ .File.LogicalName }}
{{ end }}

but it doesn’t work.

it prints the filename (instead of the index number) if I write it like this:

{{ range $i, $e := .Site.Data.folder }}
  {{ $i }}
{{ end }}

and that’s pretty confusing.
don’t know if it’s a bug, because if I use the $i version in other pages it prints the number and not the filename.

can someone help me please?

thank you!

You might run into the issue that, when sort is used on a range the index is a number.

$k = $filename:

{{ range $k, $v := . }}

$k = $number:

{{ range $k, $v := (sort .) }}

That being said. Is there any workaround to actually get the name of the data file while using sort?

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