Generating and Linking Site Meta Data Files using Templates

Continuing the discussion from Output Generated JSON and XML Files from Template:

In the above does $alsohumans.Permalink link refers to the template file or the output file of the template? Is there a way to ensure this is always the output file when the template and output files may have a different extension or even names. If the template name and output file name different (given in config) how would this example change?

Neither. It’s an asset (being executed as template).

It seems you want to do something with assets or page resources.

Once this is executed I assume and the output file will be generated? Is $alsohumans.Permalink referring to this output file or the input file? If the asset file name and output file names are different what will the above code look like? Is "txt/alsohumans.txt" input file / asset and "alsohumans.txt" output file?

Yes. Output. Just like that but with different names (notice the path is already different). Exactly.

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