Generating a single page of all content?

I’m attempting to build a static site with hugo for documentation. However for ease of printing (and PDF’ing), I’d like to generate one special page that is all the content from the site. Is this possible?

The only thing related to multiple markdown files worth of content in a single page is Load multiple content files in a single template from 2016 . Perhaps the status has changed since then?


I haven’t explored it in detail, but check out the DocuAPI theme port by @bep. It mentioned its all in one page:

Most notable: This theme will use all the (non drafts) pages in the site and build a single-page API documentation. Using weight in the page front matter is the easiest way to control page order.

Copying how the master does it is probably as close to “best practice” as it gets!

Pretty sure this is as simple as a template or shortcode that ranges and shows all content. Folks do it with custom output formats all the time.

{{ range .Pages }}
{{ . }}
{{ end }}