Functions and variables

I’m trying to manipulate a URL in a variable but can’t for the life of me make it work.

The value of $myURL is ‘/file.jpg’. I’m trying to remove the ‘/’

I’ve tried:
{{ ( trim $myURL.RelPermalink “/”) }}
{{ ($myURL.RelPermalink strings.LeftTrim 0) }}

Can I do this? The docs only give examples of string manipulation where the string is an explicit input, not a variable…

Just tested. This works for me:

{{ trim .RelPermalink "/" }}
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Thanks zwbetz, but where’s the variable?

In that example, it’s a page variable. For your case, you need to show how your variable is created and what’s in it.

Edit: Also, are you getting an error? Or does it run and the trim doesn’t happen?


Brilliant - that does it.

{{ trim $myURL.RelPermalink "/" }}

Thanks so much for your help. What a great forum!