Function "replaceRE" not defined

I was following the step by step guide. When I get to ‘Testing Your Site’ and run ‘npm start’ I get a blank white page. There is an error:
ERROR: 2017/08/07 04:58:36 template.go:350: template: theme/partials/contact.html:46: function “replaceRE” not defined

The system is linux mint.
Hugo at version 0.16-DEV.

So, is that me doing something wrong or what?

That is a really old version. Do not use hugo installed from apt repo. Download the latest release from the github repo.

Got the latest now, thanks for the tip.
Someone might want to know that there is an unhelpful loop trap in the documentation.
In the documentation it says to use apt-get install on debian. It does say there is a ‘con’ to this in that you might get an old version as in my case, it doesn’t say how to get around that.
I found how to download and use the deb here.

The con point says:

Might not be the latest version, especially if you are using an older, stable version (e.g., Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). Until backports and PPA are available, you may consider installing the Hugo snap package to get the latest version of Hugo.

The snap package method is listed immediately above the apt-get method.


How do you recommend we make that more informative?

I tried the snap thing too as it happens. Not seen snap before, it had to be 'sudo’d on my system, so I then had to go ‘sudo snap install hugo’ which did get the newest version but the permissions thing turned it into a bit of a mess, I bailed out and went with the .deb thing as described. I thought adding the instructions about the .deb would help someone in the same situation is all.

Pinging @rdwatters to note: we might want to add some connector between the apt-get method and downloading a package installer from the release page, as we do in the cross-platform binary section.

Also, someone please select my reply above and subsequent replies and spin it into a new thread.