Front matter autocompletion?

Let’s asume I have a hugo site with 100+ tags and 1000+ pages.
I can’t remember exact spelling of each tag and exact name of each page to make cross-references between pages.
Is there any editor or plugin to help me make cross references between pages?
I need some autocompletion helper to show me the available tags, page names or whatewer already has been used in my site.


I don’t think such a tool exists as an editor or plugin.

What I would suggest is having something like this example:

so you can see what taxonomies are in use, and which pages have them.

Ok, but when adding taxonomies to a newly created page, I need to lookup exact taxonomie in the “list-all-taxonomies” page?
I still need autocompletion for this.

There is a third party command line tool for mass addition/removal of metadata in Hugo content files:

I have used this tool and I vouch for it.

There is no autocomplete in Hugo I am afraid.

I have a website with a collection of mountain passes and peaks in Tien-shan mountains. For each pass or a peak I track a list of expeditions, who made an ascent and a list of photographies from different sides of a peak/pass.
For each expedition I track the list of passes and peaks they made ascent at.
And for each photography I track a list of passes and peaks visible on it.
Everything is stored in dokuwiki with “data” plugin to track all the stuff.

Every time I add a page about an expedition I have to link it to corresponding passes and summits. Dokuwiki helps me wtih autocompletion, but it is very very slow and needs an internet connection.

I’m considering to move my site to Hugo, but looks like it won’t suit my needs.

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