Fresh install: template missing for shortcode 'fig' in page migrate-from-jekyll

Hi, I am running out of ideas unto why my hugo fresh install is missing a template. Am i missing a dependency?

This is the exact errors I am getting:

ERROR: 2014/12/01 Unable to locate template for shortcode 'fig' in page migrate-from-jekyll

CRITICAL: 2014/12/01 Errors reading pages: Error:No handler found for index.xml
Error:No handler found for sitemap.xml

BTW, this is my first time using Hugo.

As to the first, this is fixed here:

@Patrick, which version of hugo are you running and what operating system?

Hi! I’m also new to hugo and have an equivalent error, it says:
"CRITICAL: 2015/04/27 Errors reading pages: Error:No handler found for server"
The last time i try to launch my website it work perfectly but now I have this, don’t know where this come from… I’m using Hugo 0.13 w64 btw
Thank in advance for any help!

It means you have a file with the extension “.server” somewhere I would think.

Thanks for your answer! I find a file called server with no extension, i try to change it but it didn’t work, the problem is inside the file but I really don’t know what’s an handler :confused: This is the content of it:

date = "2015-04-25T11:08:09+02:00"
title = "server"
weight = 5

parent = “x”

For /content there are handlers for known suffixes (md, ad, html …), the most commin being md (Markdown).

Handlers know how to parse the content.

There is an open issue about just doing a copy of “unknown content”, but until then you will have to have .server, .jpg files etc. in static or somewhere else.