Formatter for Go templates

I may have said at some point that I worked on a formtatter for Go templates. That turned out to be too much work/too hard.

But in the mean time the Go template plugin for Prettier has matured to a point where it’s very good.

I use it with VS Code. I had some trouble getting it to work. The clue, I eventually figured out, is that the plugin + prettier cannot be installed globally. This, I thought, was unfortunate, as I have many Hugo projects.

But then I remembered that Node/NPM is searching the node_modules folders up the tree until it find what it’s looking for.

So, what I have done in my development root:

cd /Users/bep/dev
npm init
npm -i prettier prettier-plugin-go-template --save-dev

Then you need to tell Prettier to use the plugin. Here’s my .prettierrc config file:

  "overrides": [
      "files": ["*.html"],
      "options": {
        "parser": "go-template",
        "goTemplateBracketSpacing": true,
        "bracketSameLine": true
      "files": ["*.js", "*.ts"],
      "options": {
        "useTabs": true,
        "printWidth": 120,
        "singleQuote": true

With the above in place, you can install the VS Code extension:


I’ve been using the .prettierrc file w/ Tailwind for some time on w/ JetBrains products, but with the occasional template bug. Thank you for pointing out the go-template plugin as this should solve those issues.

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