Flat hierarchy website - peramlink config for taxonomies

Hello I’d like all of the links for categories to be the link but without the category keyword e.g. /<category-name>

Is there a way to do this? The docs make it seem like there is not as they recommend only using :title :slug. This is also an extremely hacky way of doing it: https://novelist.xyz/tech/advanced-custom-urls-for-category-pages-in-hugo/ and I don’t fully understand the implementation as I have no layouts/taxonomy in my repo.

Finally, this is the last hack I found ; though I do not understand gocode so it’s difficult for me to introduce this into a codebase without introducing bugs I cannot fix. https://github.com/LightSunrider/hugo/commit/b3d8d672dbd47a38ddeff21e1fe2b8a3deb41c73

Hi there,

You have opened two other topics with similar questions here and here, both of which I have closed. Please do not keep opening new topics asking about the same thing. This will not get your questions answered any faster.

What would help is to read Requesting Help , particularly the part about letting us see your code, and the other information you should provide to make it easier for us to help you.