File mode in static folder

When generating the site, all files in the static folder gets rw permissions only for user. Is there any way to add group and other at least read permissions?

With Linux or macOS, set the group sticky bit on the public folder, and use setfacl on the public folder to set default permissions. For example:

rm -rf public 
mkdir public
chgrp www-data public      # change group owner
chmod g+s public           # set group sticky bit
setfacl -m d:g::rX public  # set default permissions

Now test:

cd public
touch foo
mkdir bar


drwxr-s--x+ 2 jmooring www-data 4096 Aug 28 13:44 bar
-rw-r-----  1 jmooring www-data    0 Aug 28 13:43 foo

Then run:

hugo --noChmod

Thanks! --noChmod did the trick!