Fetch data from json file based on Filename i

Hi there,
I am trying to create a partial template which is to be used in list.html !I want to fetch some data inside my partial template from Data/config.json file!

My Data/config.json file looks like this:
“Accordion”: {
“name”: “Accordion”,
“version”: “3.20.1”,
“dependencies”: {
“Icon”: “Icon#~3.19.0”
“Button”: {
“name”: “Button”,
“version”: “3.20.2”,
“dependencies”: {
“Accordion”: “Accordion#~3.19.0”

I have a partial template(partial/importDepend.html) which looks like this:

{{ range $.Site.Data.config}}

Dependent on:
{{ delimit .dependencies “,”}}

{{ end }}

and my default/list.html looks like :
{{if .Content}}

{{ partial "importDepend.html" . }} {{ .Content }}

Now how can i fetch the “dependency” from JSON file for “Accordion” only when i have content/accordion.md and so forth for different file! Is there a thing where i can compare the fileName and the “name” key and show it accordingly?