Extension Ability Idea

Hi, everyone. I stumbled onto Hugo 2 days ago after having spent the previous month researching popular CMS tools and getting frustrated with them. I’m very happy with Hugo.

I would like to make a suggestion for the future extension ability of Hugo. When designing it, please consider allowing the extension to specify or replace the pre-processors. For example, I think a great extension would be to replace the BlackFriday markdown with Jade. Something like this is definitely best suited as an extension as someone else might think it’s a horrible idea :slight_smile:

Thanks for reading. Hugo is a great tool.

@rewind Jade is a templating language, correct? BlackFriday is just the markdown converter (written in Go). I think the appropriate comparison would be between Hugo templating and Swig or Hugo templating and liquid - then BlackFriday and Kramdown or BlackFriday and RedCarpet.

Hugo already offers more than one templating language if you check out the docs.