Exit code: 255 error for Netlify deploy

Everything builds fine locally, using v0.58.0. Repo in GitHub. When I try to deploy to Netlify, I’m getting this error:
failed during stage ‘building site’: Build script returned non-zero exit code: 255
I have a netlify.toml file with the current version of Hugo specified.

any idea what could be the problem? I made the repo public here: https://github.com/grizfan/bmls


I cloned your repository and the site doesn’t build locally - so that’s where I’d work first.

The main.scss file references a file which I don’t think exists.

Also, your /content/about folder has both index.html and _index.md. I think you should delete the .html file.

I reckon for simplicity if you’re building your own layout template, don’t worry about using the /themes directory. Just do everything in the root /layouts directory.


Thanks - I think I will re-do this project with everything in the root/layouts directory.

For this, I have a package.json file to install Bootstrap and associated dependencies. to get the project started, I ran npm install before starting Hugo. I’ll need Netlify to do that, too, for each build. Is that something I need to do in the netlify.toml file?

Yep :+1: