Eternity Theme fine on localhost, css not importing into main.css on pubic server

I’m using the Eternity theme. My site displays perfectly on the Hugo local web server http://localhost:1313/.

But when I upload the public directory to my web host the @import instructions on are not actually importing the css even though all the files are in the same directory as main.css.

Here is main.css:

@import "bulma.min.css";
/* @import "fonts.css"; Moved to /layouts/partials/fonts.html */
@import "base.css";
@import "colors.css";
@import "width.css";
@import "markdown.css";
@import "style.css";
@import "tablet.css";
@import "mobile.css";
@import "custom.css";

Here is the result of ls of that directory:

base.css       colors.css  fonts.css  markdown.css  style.css   width.css
bulma.min.css  custom.css  main.css   mobile.css    tablet.css

I have used “inspect element” in Firefox to see that the css is not being imported.

Thanks for helping out an enthusiastic new Hugo user.


There was a typo in config.yaml in the “baseURL” setting.