(Estimated) deprecation/removal schedule for blackfriday?

About how long do I have before blackfriday is unavailable as part of Hugo? Or rather, what would have to change/break to cause blackfriday to be removed?

I ask because while goldmark seems like a fine library, it’s currently missing return-to-where-the-footnote-was links in the footnotes (the sort of thing you can change with footnoteReturnLinkContents). Someone — possibly me — would have to add that functionality to goldmark and wait for that version of goldmark to make it back into Hugo before I’d want to switch to goldmark.

I also noted the missing footnoteReturnLinkContents.
At the moment I am setting the footnote return link manually (thankfully I have very few footnotes).

But there are also other features missing from goldmark, like third party math typesetting extensions: see https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/6544

So I doubt that blackfriday and mmark will be removed before addressing these issues.

cc: @bep

The indication about “Blackmark deprecation in the future” is vague. I heard that Hugo using mmark/blackfriday v1 is preventing Debian/Ubuntu to update to v2 of BF, so that may the heat that makes us remove it eventually.

For anyone who’s interested in tracking the progress of footnote-return links, have a look at:

There’s also my previous post here on the subject at Adding variation selector 15 to footnoteReturnLinkContents.

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…and https://github.com/yuin/goldmark/pull/51 is pulled and closed, and the fixes appear to be in by at least 1.1.13 (if not sooner).