Error while making a Hugo shortcode

I’m trying to implement a shortcode, but Hugo refuses to use it with an error:

ERROR 2017/09/28 18:25:02 shortcodes/list.html : template: shortcodes/list.html:1: bad character U+007B '{'

The shortcode template in question is:

{{ range $.Site.Data.{{ .Get "path" }}.{{ .Get "item" }} }}
  * {{ . }}
{{ end }}

Just a test shortcode, nothing seems wrong, I’m just trying to import a dataset into a page… can someone help me with this?


{{ range index (index $.Site.Data .Get "path" ) ( .Get "item")  }}

The above totally untested, but it should show my intent.

Wow, this works! Can you explain this magic please?

By the way, another error, but this is me doing something wrong probably…

ERROR 2017/09/28 19:02:18 error processing shortcode "shortcodes/list.html" for page "": template: shortcodes/list.html:1:34: executing "shortcodes/list.html" at <.Get>: wrong number of args for Get: want 1 got 0

The code:

{{% list path="discography" item="discography" %}}

Edit: Found a solution myself - wrong parentheses in shortcode sourcecode.

{{ range index (index $.Site.Data ( .Get 0 ) ( .Get 1 ) ) }}

Please read the documentation.