Error when using ref in modules

I’ve got a site (Site A) which creates a site. I want to reuse content from Site A in Site B. I import it using modules - but ref links fail.

I can use ref to create links in Site A. But those same links fail in Site B.

I hope I’m doing something fundamentally wrong. I should note that both sites are designed for offline use, so I’ve got

baseURL: "/"
uglyurls: true
relativeURLs: true
canonifyURLs: false

I’ve reproduced it on a Github repo at It imports from a module at That module has a file with the two links. You can only build the site if the “ref” link is removed…

I am unable to access the content repository.

My apologies @jmooring . I’ve made the repo public now.

You content repo has an file in the root of the content directory. When the two content directories are merged, you’re telling Hugo that the content directoy is both a leaf bundle ( and a branch bundle ( That’s going to cause a page collision.

Or maybe I’m missing something.

No, you’re right. But our project only uses the 2.17.html and 2.20.html output. I don’t know of a way to prevent the homepage from building - we don’t need it.

I’m not sure how to test this. This repo is essentially empty:

It’s supposed to import a single topic file. I’ll close this for now and produce a more obvious example. Thanks for looking - sorry I wasted your time @jmooring