Error: site config language "ru"

Today I’ve upgraded from hugo_extended_0.72 to the newest hugo_extended_0.80.0.
Now starting Hugo server on my site throws an Error: site config value “ru” for defaultContentLanguage does not match any language definition. I didn’t find the list of all available languages on the web. How should I define Russian now?

As per the ISO 639-2 Language Codes rus is for Russian.

Wow, it’s just case sensitive! :smiley: I changed RU to ru and it started working! :joy:
The hugo_extended_0.72 version worked with RU very well. And BTW both Google Languages Codes and W3 HTML Language Code Reference define language as “ru”.

Just for posterities sake: You defined russian somewhere. If defaultContentLanguage is not defined as exactly that slug, it’s wrong. This part is not the ISO language part and IMHO not case sensitivity. You have somewhere in your config a Russian language part and that has a slug defined.

Exactly, the current site is in Russian and it’s defined as it’s supposed to be:
languageCode = “ru”
DefaultContentLanguage = “ru”

Hugo 0.80 just doesn’t tolerate uppercase.

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