Error: module "" not found

Hi! I’m kinda green at web dev and I’m trying different themes to see which will work better for us. So far I’ve found my way around lots of errors, but this one it’s eating my brain.

dippedinvaleriana@DESKTOP-7NSVFS4:~/code/test3/quickstart$ hugo server

Error: module “GitHub - hugo-mods/release-notify: Notifies the user whenever a new module release is available.” not found; either add it as a Hugo Module or store it in “/home/dippedinvaleriana/code/test3/quickstart/themes”.: module does not exist

I followed the instructions from the quickstart as always. I thought maybe I had to install hugo again, that wasn’t the problem

Reading package lists… Done
Building dependency tree… Done
Reading state information… Done
hugo is already the newest version (0.92.2-1ubuntu0.1).
0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.

And when I try to find information about that error there’s just one result popping out on Google, which is strange

I have looked for a similar issue inside the discourse but there’s nothing, which it’s not a surprise because there’s nothing showing up on Google. And since I haven’t had to download that mod before, I don’t know if I should do that this time. Can anyone help?

Did you initialize your project as a Go module?

Initialize Hugo’s mod system on your site:

hugo mod init<username>/<your-repo>

Are you saying the theme needs go? I didn’t initialize any of the themes with go, they’re all working as expected, and it’s not a step on the quickstart

Follow the link in my previous response and read the installation instructions.

I will try it, but the question remains :slight_smile: thanks!

The instructions that I pointed you to include the hugo mod ... command.

$ hugo mod --help

Various helpers to help manage the modules in your project’s dependency graph.

Most operations here requires a Go version installed on your system (>= Go 1.12) and the relevant VCS client (typically Git). This is not needed if you only operate on modules inside /themes or if you have vendored them via “hugo mod vendor”.

So yes, you need to have both Go and Git installed to use Hugo modules.

@Abril_Sofia on top of the Quick Start guide, every (or most) of the themes you install will also have their own installation instruction that might clash with the Quick Start guide. So, it is better to check the theme’s Readme file or docs site for the installation plus if they require any dependencies. (Personally, I prefer working with my own theme, or cloning a theme and removing unnecessary dependencies).

Hi Arif, they do, but also most of them have the go mod files. This one has those, Ananke too. So it’s very confusing.

I did try installing some stuff from the readme, and now it’s giving me this error

Error: module “GitHub - hugo-mods/release-notify: Notifies the user whenever a new module release is available.” not found

As far as I know, those should be included too, especially after the download. So my guess is that I have to move some files around. Don’t take my word tho.

I’m gonna work with Ananke a little bit more, and then come back and find the solution for this one. So please don’t close the thread, maybe someone will find it helpful.

Btw, that theme it’s called Osprey Delight. Forgot to add that before haha, sorry.