Error : isnot a github page

I use hugo to establish my github page and have written an article.
here is my github page

The problem is that I can see the article title in my github page but I couldn’t get into the article page.
Once clicked on the article link, it will not go the page with the content I wrote.
I just git clone a theme and do not change anything.
What do I need to do with this issue?

It’s hard to trace to the issue only with the generated output. Would it be possible to upload your current setup in a temporary branch?

I have upload a test repo. The hugo site files are in the hugosrc directory.

It looks like you need to set your baseurl in config.toml to /techNotes. You are publishing to /techNotes, but the links are being generated based on /. The link to your post should be /techNotes/post/OCRDigitNumber/.

You are right. I changed my baseurl from “” to “” and it works now. Thanks a lot.

according to moorereason’s reply, the problem is caused by incorrectly setting of baseurl. And it works now.