Embed markdown file in template (GetPage) without generating stand-alone URL for it

I am trying to build into a theme content that for front-page will be taken from 3 different markdown files stored in /content directory.

Doing that, so the code, from content (that will be edited by user) stays separately.

I am using .GetPage for it and all working great apart of the fact, that files that I embedding are generated with separate URL for themselves.

Is there a way that Markdown file in content will be used, but there will be no URL generated for it?

Or maybe different approach?


We used to call this “headless bundles”, which is what you get when putting headless: true in the frontmatter of that content file.

Note that we have since then expanded that syntax with some more options:

Also, I would recommend having a look at the cascade keyword, which you could use for, say, creating a headless section where you store all of these pages.

Super, thank you. Will have a try.

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