Don't make /blog/ directory (since I have all articles listed under homepage)

Since I already list and paginate all my articles on my homepage (root), I don’t need the additional /blog/ page with a list of all articles since this is pretty much a duplicated content.

My goal is to get rid of /blog/ page altogether. - how can I achieve it?

When I remove the list.html from Hugo’s layouts/blog/ directory, that does not solve the problem because instead, Hugo will render the layout/_default/list.html content.

In case you need more info, this is the structure of my files inside the Hugo’s content directory:


And part of my config file:

  blog: "/:slug/"
  categories: "/category/:slug/"
  tags: "/tag/:slug/"

create a markdown file under /content/blog/, set frontmatter with build options:

  render: never

More on Build options:


That was so simple! Thank you so much & I learned something new :slight_smile:

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