Does --ignoreCache disable caching during builds?

It’s unclear to me what “ignore” means.

I’m looking for a way to disable caching during builds so warnf will print a line every time.

warnf does not emit duplicate warnings.

{{ range seq 1 10 }}
  {{ warnf "%v" "foo" }}
{{ end }}

WARN 2023/02/19 16:55:10 foo

{{ range seq 1 3 }}
  {{ warnf "%v" . }}
{{ end }}

WARN 2023/02/19 16:55:59 1
WARN 2023/02/19 16:55:59 2
WARN 2023/02/19 16:55:59 3

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Is there a way to ensure a unique output, aside from incorporating now values in the output, which may or may not be unique between calls? I don’t see uuid or random functions. In my case, I need to print values in a partial, so I can’t use seq or range to do it.

Use now.UnixMilli.

Use now.UnixMilli

It might return duplicate values, but multiple runs could probably avoid that issue.

I guess there’s seq 1 1000 | shuffle | first too. Not great, not terrible.

Then move to now.UnixNano.

Same issue, if I remember correctly. Less likely, but still possible to get the same value. As I said, you can always run it again if the time values aren’t unique in one particular build.

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