Does anyone know how you can embedding other files in markdown

So Francesc Campoy has this great tool that lets you specify other files that should get embedded into your markdown. This style of workflow would be pretty awesome in helping me write various posts and slides and i was wondering if anyone had a way of doing that in hugo?


I use this readcode shortcode to put code samples in my web site

<div class="pre code">{{ readFile (.Get 0) }}</div>

in markup file:

{{< readcode "/themes/strata/layouts/shortcodes/readcode.html" >}}

If using Org mode instead of Markdown is an option, this is already supported in native Org mode, using its #+include: keyword.

But the Go Org mode parser Goorgeous used by Hugo doesn’t recognize this syntax. So I use my ox-hugo Emacs package to first convert Org mode files to Markdown (embedding using #+include:, etc. happens in this step), and then Hugo to convert those Markdown files to HTML.