Does a Hugo Module (module.mount) create a symbolic link that can be SEEN in VS Code?

Fellow Hugonauts…
Am I correct in assuming that a module.mount creates a symbolic link, in the target directory, that Hugo uses when displaying & compiling your Hugo project (via hugo server and/or building the static site with hugo)?

If so, does one just have to keep those mounts in one’s head (or go back and consult the config.toml) OR is there a way to SEE the symbolic link in VS Code (for example)?


Symbolic links are a feature of the operating system. Module mounts are a feature of Hugo’s virtual file system, which is an abstraction above the operating system.

Yes, or consult the site config, or even better, use the hugo config mounts command.



Gotcha. Thanks for the great explanation and the hugo config mounts command. I missed that one!

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