Documentation on proper theme installation and use


Given some of the tone of the discussion, I’m not sure if my response is actually useful here - or if it would be better in a separate thread. I’ll try here.

When I was looking for themes, too many just had the install instructions (git submodule/git clone …) and a comment about copying the theme.toml from the theme. I’d like to see more focus on what the theme is for and what the parameters are for configuring the theme.

Also I’d like to see more complex example sites for the demos. Too many themes I looked at, looked good with a few pages, but clearly didn’t organize to handle a 100 pages the way I thought they should, never mind my goal of 10,000+ (generated) pages. Having a more complex demo would have allowed me to see that before trying them. I know there are plenty of themes that are designed to handle a small sites and I am not saying that is wrong - just a different use case than what I need.


Hi @Warren

Perhaps you meant config.toml?
Also, what themes in particular do you feel need doc improvements?

The nice things about Hugo’s lookup order is that a given theme template can be easily overridden to meet your needs.


I do very much agree with this remark, that the documentation is lacking, not only for this theme but for the complete hugo ecosystem. I assume hugo is shared in the hope it will help a lot of people and thus become a success. For success you need excellent documentation, especially for entry level experience and knowledge. Otherwise your adoption will be too low and your wonderful tool will be slowly sinking to the bottom of our admiration. Big waste for all who put in lots of effort and time.
I have some 12 years of part time experience in web building and maintenance with Drupal, HTML/CSS/JS/PHP and Joomla and now Hugo, for over two years now. And the thing is, as much as I wanted it, I don’t have a site up in Hugo yet, just too difficult to grasp where and how to do what with the tool, especially the templating side of things.

Please guys, document!