Do inherit type that matches the root section name?


I have this content:


Which I want to use with this layout:


Assuming this:

I suppose about/ will use about as type by default

How can I do it without setting type: about on the pages Front Matter?

about is a leaf bundle at the root of the site. It is not a section. Its .Type defaults to page.

Thanks for your help

I linked the wrong documentation, this is the part that made me think that the type of is sets by default to about:

Also I found an issue on Github, someone someone with similar thought:

The basic idea is to create the same folder structure as content inside the layout folder

Found another topic about this: here

Setting type in front matter seems the only solution

Because its .Type is page, the lookup order is:

  1. layouts/page/single.html
  2. layouts/_default/single.html

If you place layout = "about" in front matter, the lookup order will be:

  1. layouts/page/about.html
  2. layouts/_default/about.html
  3. layouts/page/single.html
  4. layouts/_default/single.html