Div block href not working

Hi! I would like to make the featured cards of my website homepage( the files are index.md and layouts/index.html) can be clickable(and redirect to the links), so I wrapped the<div> in <a> . However, the link seems not working. Is there solution for this problem? Thanks in advance!
Also here is my repository, and below is the screenshots.

md file

{{ .Params.card_link }}

@nfriedli it is still blank😥

I had only looked at your screencaps, which are not enough to debug. Posting an image to give only a snippet that is unusable as is is pointless.

Sorry, but I have no desire to upload a GitHub repository with a full public directory just to help you out.

The “card_link” param is only added to “feature1” not to “feature2”.

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@nfriedli Thank you anyway:)

Thanks a lot! I didn’t realize that :sweat_smile:

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