Disqus Alternatives

Those few more comments more than few times notes staticman which “totally” would fit to your requirements.

I personally disabled comments on my blog. People can comment on FB/Twitter/Whereever.

I managed to avoid comment spammers for more than ten years just by using Javascript to set the POST URL. That meant that a static scan of the HTML didn’t give the spammer’s code anything to work with, and they’d have to manually load the page in a browser to figure out the correct endpoint, which wasn’t worth it for a small-fry blogger.

For more fun, if you tried to post a form to the URL that was in the HTML, you’d get sent to a page that triggered a firewall update blocking your IP address; since the submit button was disabled, this didn’t ban legit users who surfed without Javascript.

These days I just use Isso, which has been completely painless and spam-free.



Though there are many, Facebook comments is much easy way. A netlify comment plugin on GitHub could also be a nice suggestion for full JAMstack usage.