Display category - post list home page


I’m trying to display the category for each post on home page, but it’s not working.

I’m using : > {{ .Site.Taxonomies.categories }}

I get: > map[work:[{0 }]]

work = category name

How Can I get only “work” ?

Thank you

Hello @ecouto,

Is this an excerpt of a post’s front matter? Try categories = ["work", "cars", "stuff"] to create a list of categories that you would like to assign to a post.

You can display the assigned categories of a post via .Params.categories. Have a look at the range keyword to loop over the categories list.

my front matter is like this: categories = [“work”]


You can display the categories next to each post as follows:

{{ range .Site.RegularPages }}
    Title: {{ .Title }} - Categories:
    {{ range .Params.categories }}{{ . }}{{ end }}
{{ end }}
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Perfect - It’s work for me @digitalcraftsman

Thank you =D