Discussion for Configurable file extension #320

The original issue thread on github is: https://github.com/spf13/hugo/issues/320

This thread is for further discussion regarding this thread.

Quick summary:
Provide a way to configure what the file exension for content should be, e.g. aspx, htm, etc. instead of just html.

This could be generalized to provide mappings for files and Hugo handlers, or ignoring certain content that doesn’t need to be processed by Hugo, but still is part of the site.


I’m very interested in seeing this feature implemented, as I would like to use the layout from my web page for my blog, but it currently uses PHP to deliver dynamic content.

It would be fine if the PHP were not rendered through Hugo’s server during development as long as it could be delivered properly once deployed to a server with PHP.

Is this something that is currently possible?


Belated good news, you now can with Hugo V0.21 (or later) – see this page.