Discoverability of pages

Is there any builtin mechanism for creating draft pages which Hugo generates their html page but does not include them in lists? Like for example when you want to publish a draft to ask some comments, but you do not want it to be listed in the parent page.

If not, would you recommend editing the related lists.html page and modify the for loop to discard such pages, or is there any better workaround?

Yes, the last Hugo has … but I forgot to document it. I think.

What you can do is:

title: Secret Page

    list: false
    publishResources: true
    render: true

Some secret content.

The list: false will make sure it’s not listed anywhere, but it will get a URL.

A related tip would to put it below cascade.

@regis you sitting on a plain and want to document it?


:point_up: I think this works. In any case we can refine later. I’ll go back to watching crappy movies now.


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