Disabling 4 space code detection?

EDIT: I see no way to delete posts. This was caused by a mismatched {{< highlight >}} block that I didn’t notice. The auto page generation showed error but my terminal was not visible. Hate chasing non-bug issues…


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When I’m trying to do larger code blocks, I find that Hugo is completely ignoring the {{< highlight >}} {{</ highlight >}} tags and actually rendering them to the page, because it found a block of 4 spaces indent that it picks over this. This seems totally backwards, as I would expect explicit blocks to be eliminated from processing for implicit blocks. It makes it impossible to show a full Python class with any blank spaces in it.

I get a block of code that is not pygment colored and code on each sides that has no highlighting at all and run with main text.

Is there a way of disabling 4 space code block processing?