Disable portions of content while developing

Is there a way to disable/remove portions of my page while testing with hugo server?

While developing, I want to disable my site’s Google analytics and ads in my html template pages.

I was hoping this might be possible with some sort of conditional code you can add to the templates.

Yeah, something like:

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Too nice! Thank you very much.


Is there a way to differentiate based on the fact that you are running hugo server instead of just the -D flag?

In other words, I want to view the site with hugo server, just as it will look (without drafts) in the live environment, but I still want to disable analytics, ads etc.

No, but the common way of doing this is to check a user defined environment variable:

{{ if eq (getenv "env") "prod" }}
// include google analytics
{{ end }}

You need to then do:

HUGO_ENV=prod hugo 

When you publish your site.

Thank you for the suggestion.

So this requires a change to a file somewhere. Problem for me is, I might forget and then publish the site without remembering to make that change…

Do you think this is worth a feature request? Some way to identify when the site is being shown under hugo server? Does it sound feasible?

Yes, it is easy to add. Please create a new GitHub issue.

We’ve had a discussion about adding an IsDev flag or something, and that is harder to decide. But the IsServer is easy to answer.

Thank you. Added https://github.com/gohugoio/hugo/issues/4478