Difference between asset and static folder?

I am a bit confused by the two.

Assets can be used in pipes, static can’t. So you best put files that need some kind of modification in assets: CSS you want to be fingerprinted and minimized, for example. static is for resources that are … static. Like images and fonts.


I saw some tutorials mixing the two. I think they are outdated.

Maybe or maybe not. I have no idea what tutorials you’re referring to, nor what “mixing the two” means here.
You can’t easily use images that you put into assets. Nor can you easily minify a CSS file that you put into static. So, it’s quite common to “mix” the two directories.

I can’t remember exactly what tutorial it was, but it said images and assets (CSS, JS) can be put in either the assets folder or the static folder. So, I was a bit confused. I just checked the Hugo Docs and I learnt something new (e.g. files in the static folder are copied “as is”.)

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