Did something change about internal links in v0.123.0?

My internal links seem to have broken despite not having made any changes to them. I’m wondering if it could have something to do with the embedded link render hook introduced in v0.123.0?

For example, say the markdown for website.net/blog/post-1 contains "blah blah blah, this is a [link to another post](post-2)". This link used to point to website.net/blog/post-2; however, it now points to website.net/blog/post-1/post-2.

I reverted my site build to a version a month or two old, where the links work as they used to. Between then and now, I’ve only added content files to my site; I haven’t adjusted anything about the link rendering. In trying to troubleshoot this I’ve removed my custom render hook (which was working as expected in previous build), but even the default link render hook is displaying this new behavior. I tried adding the [markup] snippet of code suggested in the page linked above to my hugo.toml file to see if that changed the behavior, but it doesn’t seem to.

I’m continuing to dig through files on my end to see if it’s user fault, but I thought I would also check with the good folks here in case it’s something about rendering markdown links in the new version that’s not obvious to me.

Thanks in advance!

The embedded render hooks do not override custom render hooks, and are automatically enabled for multilingual single-host sites only.

We would need access to your project to understand what’s happening.

Thanks for the response! Unfortunately I just write my code locally and manually upload it, so I don’t have a git repository or anything I can share. I’ll keep working on it on my own.

Understood. I’m removing the v0-123-x tag for now because I am unable to reproduce the problem as described. We can revisit if you can provided a reproducible example (i.e., share your project with us).

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