Did `.Site.GetPage` semantics change?

Before, .Site.GetPage "/news" would only find /news. With 0.126.3, I notice that it also returns /tags/news.

Was this change introduced on purpose? If so, what is the correct way of asking “Does this page exist at the exact location /x/y/z”?

We unified/simplified the code in (I think) 0.123.0. We have always had a fall back to the “short name”, e.g. site.GetPage "mypost" would return /mysection/mypost.md , assuming there’s only one page with that base name.

I assume that in your case there is no /news page, so we fall back to the “short lookup”.

But I’m a little bit surprised about your case above, and would call that a bug. Any lookups with a leading / should not trigger a “short lookup”

EDIT IN: I think the above change came with the content adapters in Hugo 0.126.0, but still a bug.

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Thank you very much for the point release!

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