Deprecating my modules on GitHub

This won’t affect many, but I am planning on deprecating my modules that I previously announced here, and have had on GitHub and had recently imported into GitLab (but not changed from GitHub as primary), including GitHub - danielfdickinson/image-handling-mod-hugo-dfd: A Hugo module for handling images and image-related functionality for themes.

I’m expecting to be working towards returning to full-time work in the near future, and the modules never saw much use by others.

I am instead focussing my efforts on a new theme that while it will be public (and will avoid hard-coding me-specific stuff) will be aimed at the needs for my own websites rather than building for use-cases that never get used, and thus are minimally tested.

I have appreciated the help and suggestions and information from this forum and will continue to kick around these parts when I can.


Thanks for your work and all the best!

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Only just discovered your responsive images code via this announcement. I’ve been needing something to help me with responsive images in my site’s theme and a custom gallery plugin. Thank you so much for making this!

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Thank you. I hope something out of these possible hugo image module alternatives prove useful, since I’ve archived mine (if not I may have to bring it back, although I’d refactor in the process).

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Thank you helping me with me with my project. Your solution is more robust and complete. I think you should leave the module up for the community.